Timeless italian quality.

The history

The Saber sock factory was founded in 1975 in Botticino, the heart of one of the most important districts in the world for the sock industry.

The factory sets its philosophy in the research for quality, gaining experience in the production of high quality socks.

In the 1990s the company moves to a new location, Rezzato. It was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Bertocchi and now includes two generations, that create a fine balance between craftsmanship and innovation, improving always its performance to accomodate the needs of the economy.

The Company

Saber socks factory’s strength is its internal production, that distinguishes the company from its competitors. Every step of the productive process is made within the factory, from the selection of the materials to the designing process, up to the packaging of the product. All this results in high quality, reliability, high rate and flexibility, which are features that are fundamental for today’s market and make Saber’s factory the perfect partner for every kind of company.


The company guarantees its best products with handmade looping, assuring the best of qualities. It is hand made point by point, a job as precise as rare for the level of precision requested. It’s the finishing touch that unites the tip of the toe and replaces the annoying sew made by the machine.


Thanks to the many updated machineries, the Saber factory is able to satisfy every client’s request, from the classic and elegant sock, to the most modern and complicated designs. The programing and the designing of the products are done internally, this accelerates the work and guarantees punctuality in the deliveries, thanks to the wide warehouse, that provides a large selection of colors. Egyptian cotton, fine wool and unique silk and cashmere are provided by the best Italian suppliers, who guarantee the best quality.


The Packaging of the product is made in the factory. The ironing and the packaging are handmade by highly qualified and specialized staff, that guarantee an accurate control of the product.

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